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What people are saying about Bible Mapper . . .

“I have collected a good number of Bible map and atlas programs over the years yet never found one that met my needs. Either the quality and resolution of the maps was poor, or lacked the details I wanted to highlight. That was until I came across by chance a review of the Bible Mapper. Now I can actually make my own high resolution maps with as few or as many details as I like, for any area of the Bible lands, in any time period at the touch of just a few buttons. The quality of the high resolution relief map background has to be seen to be believed. It also serves as a Bible atlas. Type in the name of the town and you are taken there immediately. Or look up information about the place in the ISBE articles incorporated into the program. You can even see a current satellite photo of any place at the touch of a button as the program is linked directly to Google Earth. It includes some nice touches including the modern name of Bible sites and ancient roads. What's more, it is only in early development stages and will only get better with time! Thanks David for making such a great tool available to Bible teachers.”

Dr. Richard Shawyer (Bible teaching missionary in Africa)

“Bible Mapper has been an indispensible tool in our development of maps for Tyndale Bibles. We have found that we can rely on its absolute accuracy in the placement of biblical sites, and the incredibly detailed backgrounds provide a level of realism and insight into the land of Israel that just isn't readily available elsewhere.”

Shawn Harrison (Senior Editor of Bibles and Reference, Tyndale House Publishers)


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